Intuitive Design, Powerful Functionality

Explore the core features of ShopView, designed to elevate your shop's productivity

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ShopView: Key Features

Discover ShopView's top features, tailored to boost your repair shop's efficiency and success

  • Intuitive Design

    User-friendly interface for effortless navigation and operation.

  • Rapid Reporting

    Access essential data quickly with our advanced reporting tools.

  • Increase Revenue

    Smart Timeclock

    Increase billed labor and revenue with our efficient time tracking.

  • Efficient Training

    New staff can adapt easily with minimal training required.

  • AI-Powered Reviews

    Harness the power of AI for thorough work order assessments.

  • Quick Integration

    Seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks and Interstate Billing systems.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Ideal for on-the-go technicians with full mobile compatibility.

  • Inventory Control

    Streamlined inventory management with easy cycle counting.

  • Parts Tracking

    Comprehensive tracking history for all parts purchases.

  • Enhanced Communication

    Improved interactions between staff and customers.

Enhance Technician Efficiency

ShopView boosts technician productivity and billed time, driving a noticeable increase in your shop's revenue. Efficient workflows translate directly into higher profitability.


Optimized Job Scheduling: Streamlining Your Shop's Workflow

Transform the way you schedule and manage jobs with ShopView's advanced job scheduling screen.

This feature is engineered to provide a clear, easy-to-navigate overview of your shop's workload, allowing for quick adjustments and efficient planning.


Effortless Customer Invoicing & Estimates: Transform Your Billing Process

Transform your billing workflow with ShopView's advanced invoicing and estimates tool. Generate precise, understandable estimates swiftly, and convert them to detailed invoices with a single click. Our user-friendly platform facilitates faster approvals and seamless payment processes, ensuring your business moves at the speed of your customers' needs.


Optimized Parts Management: Streamline Your Inventory

Navigate through the seamless parts screen of ShopView, where managing your inventory becomes a breeze. This feature is ingeniously designed to keep track of all your parts purchases.

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